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Published: 27th January 2012
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Tennis shoes refer to any type of footwear that is worn while playing a sports game such as basketball or even baseball. Some people will don footwear named after a famous athlete and then refuse to play sports in the footwear for fear of getting the shoe dirty.

Tennis shoes can be used to play basketball, baseball, volleyball, or any type of sport, and they can also be worn while playing the actual game of tennis. These shoes used to be made of rubber and canvas but now many athletic shoes are made of special polymers and rugged leather. Famous athletes endorse different models of athletic shoe which makes that particular shoe more expensive. Some shoes are endorsed by famous athletes making the foot gear a prized position by people who do not play any type of sport at all.

People who are looking for athletic shoes that are specially made for tennis should look for comfort, support, and durability, because the sport can be hard on the shoe. The game can be played on clay, which is relatively easy on foot gear. Most people play on concrete because lawn, or grass, and clay, is reserved for the country club scene..

Unless one belongs to a country club he will probably play most of his games on concrete. The concrete surface can be fast or slow depending on the way the concrete was finished when it was laid. The slower court will take a higher toll on the shoe than a fast court because the concrete surface is rougher.

The fast court will not wear the shoe down as fast than the slower court which is rough and hard on foot gear. People who play on slow courts will wear down the bottom of the soul much faster and need to replace their shoes more frequently. The shoe should provide all players ample support of ankle and foot because the game requires a lot of side to side movement.
Some people have a tendency to roll their ankle so they will need to have a wide based heel on their athletic shoe. Some players like the extra support that a high top shoe offers. The high top shoe can provide more ankle support than the traditional shoe.
The low top, or mid high as they are also called, are a cross between the high top and standard shoe. Many people like the support of the low top without the extra binding that comes with the high top model. Some people cannot play with any type of extra ankle binding and choose to use only the standard style shoe.

The player has to feel comfortable in his footwear in order to play well. If the player has to be always thinking about his feet he will not win the game. The game can be hard on footwear especially for players who drag their toe after a forehand or backhand. Some footwear comes with ribbed toes pads for players who find that the toes of their footwear wear out prematurely.
Those who drag their shoe wear down the front of their footwear prematurely so the raised lip helps extend the life of the shoe. Tennis shoes refer to any footwear that is used for athletic play. But those who need foot gear for the game of tennis itself need to have footwear that is comfortable and durable.
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